Raid Schedule

  • Days: Wednesday, Sunday and Monday
  • Wednesday raids are heroic runs. Heroic and Mythic raiders are expected to attend.
  • Sunday and Monday raids are mythic progress raids. All Mythic raiders are expected to attend.
  • Times: Invites at 20:00; raid ends 23:00 A single break around 21:30. All times specified in realm time.

Core Values

  • We require 80% raid attendance from raiders, counted on a rolling 1 month window. If you temporarily can’t maintain this, post a message in the #cantmakeraid channel and notify raid leaders.
  • Respect other people’s time. This means:
    • Sign up (or sign off) for raids on the in-game calendar one week in advance.
    • If you cannot attend a raid, post a message in the #cantmakeraid Discord channel.
    • Be in time. Both at raid start and after breaks.
    • Bring consumables to cover the full raid.
  • Discord Voice Chat required. This means being connected and paying attention to the raid leaders.

Loot Rules

  • “We simply call it loot”. Personal loot is enforced by Blizzard. If you get an item you wish to distribute to other raid members, whisper a link to the raid leader and a callout for a roll-off will be made.

Raider Trial Process

  • Once a new member joins the raid team, they will remain in trial status until they have attended 6 consecutive raids (normally 2 weeks of raiding).
  • Promotion will normally happen either at the end of the 6th raid, or at the start of the 7th. Occasional variation may occur.
  • In the second half of the trial, new members may be assigned loot drops over a raider status player who needs an item if it is a large upgrade for the trial member.

Required Addons

  • BigWigs Bossmods or Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)
  • Exorsus Raid Tools
  • WeakAuras 2