Guild plans for BfA

Aim the the expansion

As opposed to our Legion aim for half-way through Mythic, with BfA we will aim for full mythic clear for every raid tier. This change of aim will require some changes as detailed below.

Raid days

Wednesday – Heroic clear
Sunday – Mythic Progress
Monday – Mythic Progress

Raid ranks

We’ll have two raider ranks:
Raider – Larger team aimed at heroic. Up to maybe 35-40 people.
Mythic Raider – Subset of Raiders, who are willing and capable of progressing Mythic difficulty. Roughly 25 people.

At the start of BfA, every raider will remain at their current rank (Raider). People who prove themselves strong enough to progress mythic will be promoted to Mythic Raider rank. The heroic team will function as a way for the guild to trial new members, and an environment for people who want to raid only heroic (or just once per week).

The heroic raid will, once the team has it on farm, also allow people to bring alts/offspecs/etc as long as the characters can pull their own weight.

Most of the stricter requirements only apply to Mythic Raiders.

Signing up and backups

This needs to improve. Mythic raiders are going to be expected to sign up at least one week in advance. If you’ve signed up for a raid, you may be rotated out as a backup (e.g. if more than 20 raiders show up, which should be the norm). As a backup, you are expected to be available to the raid leader one way or another (discord, on an alt, phone call from a raider currently in the team, etc).

Classes / Mains

Once you have chosen your main, that character will be your main for the expansion. Officers may consider rerolls in very specific situations, but this will not be common. Pick a character you want to play for the expansion carefully.

Current raiders are expected to let us know what class/spec they intend to main in BfA, as well as if they are aiming to stick with the heroic team, or intend to push for the mythic team. This should be done in the #bfa-mains channel on Discord. We want everyone to do this by the end of June (before July 1st).

Officer team

We are not planning to change officers significantly. The current setup is as follows:

Sneakalot – Guild master and primary raid leader
Garzafoss – Assistant raid leader / ranged coordinator
Sarasif – Recruitment officer
Laduni – Healing officer
Telwea – Assistant healing officer



There will be no raid break for Legion. Raids will be organized as per the normal schedule. If you are taking a break, post in the #cantmakeraid channel on Discord.

Fun runs will no longer be organized and/or led by officers. If anyone in the guild wants to do that, you are free to do so.

Starting raids in BfA

We will start raiding as soon as raids open. As far as we know, this will happen three weeks after the expansion is released.

All raiders wanting to raid are expected to have ilevel 300 to join the raids. This is equivalent to the requirements for mythic+.

At the beginning, the guild will not have spare food and flasks. Raiders are expected to bring their own food and flasks and not rely on others for this.


We’re forced to use personal loot as of BfA. Any items that are not needed by the person getting it is expected to trade it to the designated loot master (raid leader if nothing else is stated). These items will be distributed using /roll with typical prios (ms/os). Players can of course redact their roll if an item is a stronger upgrade for another raider who also rolled.

We expect people to understand that we are gearing up the raid team and not individuals and work towards that goal. This has been working well for us so far and we don’t expect much drama over this.